“I am Mariano Gonzalvo and I welcome you as the chef of Lo Paller del Coc. I love everything that happens around a good table.

I like to create magical environments to discover new experiences through food and cooking. I invite you to join a unique cuisine experience and I open to you the doors of our restaurant.

The Gastronomic space is born from our passion for being hosts, our love for the land and its fruits and how to transform them into gastronomic pleasure. We feel passion for cooking and we need to share experiences over a lifetime dedicated to the kitchen and teaching at the Hofmann School of Hotel Management. We are therefore happy and proud of our space, which is also yours, a place full of emotions.

We live cooking from the very bottom of our heart. Our commitment to the land leads to consuming our own production of organic and local vegetables and fruits. We like to take care of farmers around us and that is why we serve in our restaurant the fruits of their work.

Mariano Gonzalvo



The rooms are the spaces for rest. Three apartments conditioned with everything you need to enjoy a few days of vacations. In all the rooms you have an equipped kitchen, fireplace, toilet, TV …

La Llar

2-4 people

+ Informaion

El Desván

2-4 people

+ Information

La Coberta

4-5 people

+ Information

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We are in Mariano and Sílvia, a cook and therapist, that we put our hands at the service of your magical moments. Al Paller del Coc you will find: Gastronomic Space, the small interactive restaurant where you can participate with us while preparing food. The Welfare Area, the corner of Lo Paller where you can find the balance while your body and mind relax.

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Lo Paller del Coc s/n
Surp (Rialp)
Pallars Sobirà


690 805 296 (Silvia)
607 663 351 (Mariano)