In the heart of the catalan Pyrenees of Lleida (Catalonia)

Surp is a small village in the Vall d’Àssua, in the county of Pallars Sobirà, , in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees of Lleida. Located at 1,040 meters above sea level, its orientation at noon makes it the sunny village in the valley. Only five kilometers from Rialp and Set de Sort, Surp gets rid of the bustle and is immersed in rural life: agricultural tasks, pasture, fodder, artisan cheeses and rural tourism.

In our natural mountain environment there is still wildlife: vultures, bearded vultures, wild boars, foxes, deer and a variety of small birds share this privileged place with us.

Among the historical heritage of our surroundings, the architecture of the Romanesque church of San Iscle and Santa Victoria, built in the 12th century, stands out, and amongst the houses stands Casa Bertrán, considered the cathedral of the peasantry of El Pallars.
The Noguera Pallaresa River offers us a wide range of leisure activities and adventure sports thanks to the peculiarity of its river course.

We are close to the tourist attractions and far from the noise and fuss that this generates. Twenty kilometers away, there are the ski slopes of Port-Ainé, thirty Espot, thirty-five Tavascan (currently united in the Gran Pallars group) and forty-five Baquèira-Beret. In addition, the Vall d’Àssua is one of the entrance doors to the Aigües Tortes-Sant Maurici National Park and also close to the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu from which to do ecotourism activities.