Gastronomic Space


“I am Mariano Gonzalvo and I welcome you as the chef of Lo Paller del Coc. I love everything that happens around a good table.

I like to create magical environments to discover new experiences through food and cooking. I invite you to join a unique cuisine experience and I open to you the doors of our restaurant.

The Gastronomic space is born from our passion for being hosts, our love for the land and its fruits and how to transform them into gastronomic pleasure. We feel passion for cooking and we need to share experiences over a lifetime dedicated to the kitchen and teaching at the Hofmann School of Hotel Management. We are therefore happy and proud of our space, which is also yours, a place full of emotions.

We live cooking from the very bottom of our heart. Our commitment to the land leads to consuming our own production of organic and local vegetables and fruits. We like to take care of farmers around us and that is why we serve in our restaurant the fruits of their work.

Mariano Gonzalvo






Our restaurant

In the Gastronomic Space you can find a new restaurant concept that allows you to experiment around the kitchen and the table and the pleasure of unique dishes made on the spot. In our interactive kitchen we want to convey the excitement of food through the five senses.In Lo Paller del Coc you will discover a world full of surprises in which we propose a new way to enjoy a meal out. We offer a tasting menu which you only need to choose what you do not like. From there we devise a unique menu for each occasion. The kitchen in Lo Paller del Coc is open, without barriers,so it invites to dialogue and participate in the process of cooking. You will find a table to share the tasting menu as a unique cuisine experience. We can accommodate just ten guests, which facilitates the personalized and friendly service. Cooking is love and we want to share it with you. Our restaurant is a window to the world from which we will show you what we think that can make you happy and can bring you new experiences. As good stove lovers, we invite you to taste our gastronomy. We welcome you!

Tasting menu

In Lo Paller del Coc restaurant we will offer a menu tasting surprise. Once we know what you do not want to find the plate, we let the culinary creativity to create a unique menu for each occasion.

The gastronomic menu is our commitment to seasonal produce and the mountain culinary culture. It is a gastronomic feast with products from the territory and complemented with different shades of cuisines from around the world.


In the Gastronomic Space Lo Paller del Coc reservation is needed. For us, every meal is very important and we need to know in advance that you are coming to prepare it as you deserve. Call us the day before. Mariano: 607 663 351.

Bon Appetit!



Àpats interactius


A l’Espai Gastronòmic t’oferim la possibilitat de venir a fer un àpat interactiu per dinar o sopar.
Els nostres productes són de proximitat, directes a la cassola, ecològics i compromesos amb la terra.

A l’Espai gastronòmic.

  • Menú infantil …. 20 € (de 4 a 12 anys)
  • Menú degustació …. 50 €

Al teu apartament.

  • Menú tradicional …. 25 €
  • Menú infantil …. 15 € ( de 4 a 12 anys )
  • Només vols un plat? Encarrega el teu preferit.
  • Picnic “Nomada”… 20 €

Els preus no inclouen les begudes.

Cuina de de la vall d `Àssua 
La cuina tradicional que traspassa fronteres
80 €
Cuina tradicional del Pallars Sobirà 80 €
Cuina moderna al Pirineu 
Una visió respectuosa i actual de la nostra cuina
80 €
Arrossos per triomfar davant els teus convidats 90 €
Cuina vegetariana (ecològica)
El món ple de sabors, colors, textures i formes
80 €
Només corder, tot corder de xisqueta, l’ovella del Pallars 90 €
La matança del porc
Una festa per al paladar
80 €
“Montaditos” i tapes
Alta cuina en miniatura
80 €
Cuina per a principiants
Fàcil, ràpida i sense secrets
80 €
Cuines ètniques
El món que ens envolta
90 €