Who we are


Silvia Valls

I am a manual therapist , caregiver and lover of every corner of Lo Paller del Coc.


Until I came to Surp my life was much tied to the rhythm of life in Barcelona. Ripeness and experience puts you in your place and calls you to look for what your really want.

This is the reason why a good day we decided to pack our luggage and move to the Pallars.

I worked for twelve years taking care of elderly. Although I liked so much what I was doing in the city, the wish of finding my space in the countryside was stronger. Surp was waiting for us. Now I am where I want, doing what I want and what I like. I have a really nearby contact with the persons who come to the Wellness Area.

I do manual therapies that allow me to improve your physical and emotional well-being. Here I prove to be like I am. This is my freedom space where I feel sincere and nearby with you.

The peace, the silence and the light of Surp make easier to relax while I give you a massage. Often, when I finish the massage, I share a chat and an infusion with my guests.

I like to make visible small details, to personalize every room for you and to do all the possible so you feel as at home.

Mariano and I welcome you!

Mariano Gonzalvo

I am and I live as a cook. I do it willingly. I have spent my whole life between stoves and desks, learning and teaching the magic of transforming food into pleasure moments.


After many years as a cook, teacher and Head of studies of the Hofmann School of Hotel Management, I decided with Silvia to change stage. In 2004 we take a step forwards to look for a space far from what till the moment we knew and close to what we were lacking in the city.

We land in Surp, a small village in the Vall d’Àssua (Pallars Sobirà. We buy and restore an ancient hayloft. And nowadays those ruins are a magnificient and cosy space: Lo Paller del Coc.

My dream was to combine work and life, to make my passion my way of living. For me cooking is a mixture of coherence, responsibility and freedom.

I am a quiet person. My language are aromas, textures and flavors. My message is the dish. My cooking is frank, direct and transparent.

In the Gastronomic Space there are neither barriers nor curtains or doors. In the same room messmates and I share the pleasure for the cuisine.
My proposal, both of meals and cooking workshops, wants to become a unique experience. We design every experience to achieve that pleasure and health coexist in a harmonic way. I cook first quality eco ingredients. Craft and local products to feel the energy that comes from the land.

Silvia and I welcome you!